Snow And Ice Damage

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Most of us love the winters and the snow, don’t we? Plants, animals, and even trees are used to the ever-changing seasons. From the humid and hot summers to the windy and cold winters, nature knows how to survive no matter the season or weather. But even though your trees know how to deal with the cold winters, they might still need a little help from you, especially during those winter storms. Ice, heavy snow, and high winds can result in the breaking of branches, trees splitting, or large limbs falling.

Now, are you eager to know about your tree’s health? Well, then relax and just call M&S Landscaping and Tree Service and let them help you make sure that the long winter does not mess up your landscape because of ice and snow-covered shrubs and trees. To maintain the overall aesthetic appearance and shape of your trees, contact M&S Landscaping and Tree Service, one of the best tree service agencies in Western NC. 

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Snow And Ice Damage

Here are some signs to keep an eye out for to determine snow and/or ice damage

  • A significantly big gash or root injury
  • Falling, hanging, or broken limbs
  • Cracks in the limb or the tree trunk
  • Leaning

At times to repair or restore the tree, all you need to do is remove the damaged limb or limbs. Simply put, this means you need to cut back to either the trunk or the next lateral of the tree if needed. That’s not all. You must prune any broken, small branches. Remember, if the “wounds” remain open, pests or diseases might infest the tree. Pruning also helps the tree heal faster.

Shrubs that have been in a twisted or bent position for a longer time might end up losing their shape due to ice pile-up or snow. If this is the case, then it is important to get in touch with professionals to ensure that in the coming spring, your shrubs don’t look out of place.

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Preventing Snow and Ice Damage in Trees

In most areas of the world snow and ice are yearly visitors and preparing ourselves is necessary. Now nature has its way of preparing for the winters; for example, trees go into a dormant state, but at times a little help from us is required. So, before winter sets in, do the following:

  • Evaluate your trees, especially the large ones
  • Decide if you have any unbalanced, broken, or dead branches which might end up failing during heavy snow
  • Ensure that the trees haven’t overgrown and are not disturbing the utility lines because let’s face it, nobody wants a power outage in the middle of the severe winters
  • Schedule a pruning for your trees by the professionals to make sure that the branches do not end up blocking the way for the pedestrians and drivers.

So, now that you are thinking of scheduling a pruning before the worst of winter descends, the crews at M&S Landscaping and Tree Removal work all around the year to make sure that your trees and family can enjoy winters without any worries. Just book an appointment and let our crews handle everything for you.

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