Lot Management

Lot Management

Erosion Control

  • Installation of various drainage systems
  • Design, engineering, and installations of a variety of retaining wall systems.
  • Lot Stabilization using wire baskets and compacted earth wall system.
  • Grading for water collection and removal.

Landscape Designs

We want to create the landscape that our customers vision. This starts by matching your vision and budget to a wide range of design possibilities. Our goal in the design process is develop a plan that meets your vision, utilizes our experiences and provides details of plants and materials at competitive prices.


After the design process, our trained install teams work to bring the vision to life.  We use a comprehensive approach to install plants, patios, garden walls, irrigation and lighting and we use licensed engineering services when required by code.

Lot Stabilization

Our mountains, while beautiful, can be steep and prone to slides. At M&S Landscaping, we have the expertise to install retaining systems which stabilizes and/or improves access and use of steep lots. A retaining system can be constructed of concrete, timbers, block and other materials. At M & S Landscaping, we have gained experience installing a new retaining system that uses welded wire sections and compacted earth. Know in the trade as “Green Terramesh” this retaining system is “Fail Proof” and the results are impressive. This system looks very natural and with time becomes unnoticeable. See but don’t be seen!


We provide a variety of services including turf and shrub management, seasonal flower programs, and customized maintenance packages that offer pruning, fertilization, mowing and edging.

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