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View Cutting

View Cutting/ View Improvement

There is no arguing that trees can improve the scenery but what if those trees are blocking your view so that you can’t even appreciate the view from your bedroom window? That’s where we come in. There are a variety of ways that the view can be improved and most of them cause little distress to the tree itself so that you don’t have to damage the tree in order to get the view that you want. Here are the following ways that can be used in order to control the trees in your backyard to give you the view of your dreams.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

Sometimes all that is required to enhance the view to perfection is just pruning. Certain trees’ crown can be reduced in order to give you the view that you desire. This pruning is very easy to do and deals very little damage to the tree. It differs from tree to tree but almost all trees can take crown reduction without being adversely affected.

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Windowing is an alternative to crown reduction. In crown reduction, the top of the tree is removed whereas windowing cuts away branches in the middle so that you get the view and the tree can continue to grow naturally. This involves removing older branches so that they don’t grow back in the way of your view. This has very little impact on the tree because it can still continue to grow new branches at its top and thus retain its natural shape and growth rate.

So if you ever want the view of your dreams and need the trees just outside your window adjusted all you have to do is give our team in Waynesville, NC a call and they’ll be at your door to discuss how you should proceed with crafting the view that you want.

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Tree Topping

Tree topping is a service that has been offered for years by tree experts and is needed for a variety of reasons. It basically involves the complete removal of the top of trees to ensure that the foliage doesn’t come in the way of other objects. The service has recently become more popular for a variety of reasons which are as follows:

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Solar Panels

One of the most surprising reasons on this list, solar panels, have become a huge reason why tree topping is performed. Solar panels require direct contact with sunlight and trees often undercut that because of the way that they grow. Tree topping allows you to give solar panels the sunlight that they need without the tree’s leaves coming in the way.

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There are some trees that grow in a certain aesthetically pleasing way but their foliage manages to hide that. Tree topping can be performed on these trees in order to showcase the trunk and clearly visualize the shape that the tree naturally has.

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There is, of course, the convenience that can be received from tree topping. Treetops may be in the way, hazardous to your health, or just may have become infected by a pest. In order to solve these problems, the top of the tree can be removed very easily.

If you believe that you require tree topping services then you can contact our team in Waynesville, NC and they can help you out. Keep in mind though that tree topping should only be performed when there are no other options left. It can severely damage the tree and may even lead to its demise.

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