Tree Pruning and Shaping

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and shaping are far more complicated than they appear to be and are riddled with dangers and hurdles that are best left to the professionals. The first and foremost danger with pruning and shaping trees yourself is the bodily harm that you may risk from the machinery as well as from the boughs and branches of the trees. That can also result in property damage because if one of the branches falls in something that it is not supposed to it can cost you a lot in terms of repairs.

There is also the risk of damage to the tree itself. Trees are susceptible to too much stress so if too much pruning is done it may cause the tree to completely give up and thus die off slowly by itself. To avoid that you should make sure to involve the help of professionals that can judge accurately how much pruning a tree can take and how much is healthy for a tree. Shaping is also very similar because although it involves less cutting if the wrong parts are cut the tree can come under duress very quickly and thus die off. All of this varies from tree to tree, there are some trees that can take a lot of pruning without feeling a thing whereas some trees may lose their will to live just after a couple of cuts. Whatever the case may be with your trees our tree removal and pruning team in Waynesville, NC can help you out and make sure that all your trees stay healthy and in shape.

Types of Tree Pruning

As you already know, tree pruning is not a straightforward task. There are a lot of ways that you can go about pruning a tree, and professional tree pruners know of 7 distinct ways to prune a tree in order to achieve the desired results that come about using these different methods. Here are all the pruning types that are currently used by the leading tree specialists:

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Crown Cleaning

This is the most basic way to prune trees as it only involves the removal of dead and dying branches in order to allow the tree to grow in a healthy way. This type of pruning is suitable for trees that have a good natural growth pattern because the removal of dead and dying branches of these trees ensures that the tree continues to grow well naturally.

Crown Raising

Crown raising is performed in order to elevate the foliage and branches of a tree above a certain height. This allows for better scenery as the tree is “lifted” and the foliage rests on the above half of the tree rather than all over it.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is performed on trees that are growing well but have become bogged down because of the weight of all the foliage that they have. This type of thinning ensures that the load on the tree is lightened which in turn allows the tree to grow better.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the exact opposite of crown raising in which the foliage and branches from the top are removed so that the tree looks clearer and more well-kept. This is also useful in order to make sure that the branches of the tree are kept at a certain height from buildings and other objects that may take damage if the tree is left to progress by itself.

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Other Pruning Types

Crown Restoration

Crown restoration is usually performed on trees that have been damaged, either through artificial or natural means (storms, vandalism, etc.). This allows the tree a chance to grow naturally again by removing certain branches that have been damaged in any way.

Espalier Pruning

If Espalier seems foreign to you it’s because it is. Espalier pruning is not common in the States but is often utilized in European countries where space isn’t as abundant. This type of pruning ‘fits’ trees to certain boundaries such as against walls or buildings and allows you to manage the tree much more closely. It usually involves a reduction in horizontal growth and is focused on vertical growth.

Vista Pruning

Vista pruning is a very different type of pruning that focuses on the scenery rather than the tree itself. A point is selected beforehand and the tree is pruned in order to frame that point as best as possible. This type of pruning is very perspective-based and is best suited for larger areas with multiple trees and points of scenery.

All of these types of pruning can be performed at your behest by our tree removal and pruning team which is located in Waynesville, NC.

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Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is a whole other field of study as it includes ways to transform trees into living pieces of art, furniture, and even housing. This form of shaping trees allows objects such as furniture to be grown from trees rather than made from them. There are a few experts in the field who have made objects such as chairs, stools, and even load-bearing bridges purely through tree shaping.

Our tree removal team in Waynesville, NC has yet to go that far but through the services that they offer trees can be shaped in certain ways so that they are more aesthetically pleasing. This service can be utilized in order to allow the tree to take the shape of certain objects and grow around objects rather than through them. This can also mean that the tree can strengthen existing structures or grow in a shape that they normally would not grow in.

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