M & S Landscaping
Specializes in Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree Health Assessments

  • Our arbor experiences enable us to provide full tree health assessments.
  • Experienced Arborists
  • Successful experiences of saving unhealthy trees (ie. Hemlocks).
  • We offer lot clearing to meet your needs.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

  • Trees are mapped prior to trimming
  • Cuts are made on the correct lateral which eliminate the possibility of diseases such as fungus and rot.
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View Cutting

Many customers enjoy the beautiful mountain views, many times a view can be enhanced by performing “View Cutting”. “View Cutting” is a process where trees limbs are trimmed to create an unobstructed view. View windows can be created to provide unique views.

The results have been impressive.

Hazardous Tree Removal

At M & S Landscaping, we specialize in the removal of large trees. We have invested in the right equipment, training and personnel to efficiently and safely perform tasks.

First, all jobs are overseen by a job site safety manager. In addition, we use top quality climbing gear and saws. Our turf friendly excavator with a telescopic arm and grappling arm enables us to manipulate the largest of trees.

And, most important, we have over 22 years of arbor experience and committed to being the top arborist in the area. Crane services are utilized when necessary.

No tree is too big or too small.

hazardous tree